The Writer


Hi, I am Bianca! I’m a writer.

My freelance and copywriting services include:

  • B2B script writing
  • Feature
  • Timeline
  • Email
  • Creative
  • Research

My publications and clients are Hewlett Packard (HP) through video agency Big Picture Lab, multimedia artist Satta, Sunflower Publishing, and Trinity In-Home Care.

That’s all great, but why am I the writer for your project?

I listen with intent.

Asking questions and bringing my own professional advice to the client is certainly essential, but still — I find┬áthat listening to the client’s clear vision or even their beginning ideas is what effects compelling writing that is true to the client and understood by their audience.

All of that and research.

Bianca poses, tranquil and smiling, in a library.
Welcome to my library. Research in progress. Photo: Chelsea Alderman

Check out the testimonials, my portfolio and especially that contact tab! I am eager to hear about your projects.




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